TypeScript for skeptics

Nick Ribal's experience with adopting and learning TypeScript over the last year and a half while leading a major front-end project with 3-4 developers. TL;DR: while not easy to learn, it is totally worth it! 😍


Create private Helm Charts repository with ChartMuseumUI

In this article I will show you how to create your very own private charts repository using ChartMuseumUI. But first, a little introduction… Containers are nothing new in the infrastructure world, we are using Docker containers to package up code that has been built & thoroughly tested in a continuous integration environment. This containers will... Continue Reading →

NativeScript 4 – Windows & Android Set Up Guide

Intro NativeScript is an open source framework that allows you to build native, cross platform, mobile apps using Javascript (and potentially Typescript, Vue.js and Angular). While installing Nativescript itself is quite straight forward, managing its dependencies can get a little tricky, especially for developers who are new to the platform, doubly so when trying to... Continue Reading →

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