Securely Provision Azure Infrastructure using Terraform and Azure Key Vault

Terraform is a great orchestrator for infrastructure provisioning. It has a tight integration with Azure and you can provision just about anything with it.  However, quite often security is overlooked in the provisioning process: Credentials used to connect to Azure are not kept securely.Virtual machines are created with weak passwords.Passwords are kept in the terraform... Continue Reading →


NativeScript Part 2

Introduction: Welcome to part 2 of our NativeScript series. By now you should have a working installation of NativeScript with an Android emulator and are ready to dive into some actual code. Note: If you don’t have a working installation yet, head to part 1 of the series for a quick setup guide. In the... Continue Reading →

TypeScript for skeptics

Nick Ribal's experience with adopting and learning TypeScript over the last year and a half while leading a major front-end project with 3-4 developers.
TL;DR: while not easy to learn, it is totally worth it! 😍

NativeScript 4 – Windows & Android Set Up Guide

This is a part of a post series. Part 2 can be found here Intro NativeScript is an open source framework that allows you to build native, cross platform, mobile apps using Javascript (and potentially Typescript, Vue.js and Angular). While installing Nativescript itself is quite straight forward, managing its dependencies can get a little tricky,... Continue Reading →

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