Oops, we made it..

Yesterday once discussing a company’s IoT project I asked their VP R&D “If you need to update version, how will you do it” he thought a while and replied “Probably we will be required to send technician to every location” then I said “Your worst case scenario will materialize if your pilot will be successful…”... Continue Reading →


Storage Spaces recovery war story

Storage Spaces recovery war story Storage Spaces is a technology that is mainly used by large file servers. However, Microsoft has brought this technology to Windows 10 and Windows Server Essentials – what used to be the Small Business Server. You may use this technology when having a large disk space that can dynamically grow,... Continue Reading →

NativeScript Part 2

Introduction: Welcome to part 2 of our NativeScript series. By now you should have a working installation of NativeScript with an Android emulator and are ready to dive into some actual code. Note: If you don’t have a working installation yet, head to part 1 of the series for a quick setup guide. In the... Continue Reading →

TypeScript for skeptics

Nick Ribal's experience with adopting and learning TypeScript over the last year and a half while leading a major front-end project with 3-4 developers.
TL;DR: while not easy to learn, it is totally worth it! 😍

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